Bridgeport Native Robert Fulton, Jr., to SWIM Across the Sound in Honor of his Grandmother
By SWIM Across the Sound

Aug 2, 2018 - 10:42:17 AM

Bridgeport, CT - On Saturday, August 4th, 2018, native Bridgeport resident, Robert Fulton, Jr., will SWIM Across the Sound with St. Vincent’s Medical Center’s very own Bullsharks team. The relay team will take turns swimming 15.5 miles from Port Jefferson, New York, across Long Island Sound to Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport – along with approximately 150 other swimmers and accompanied by a fleet of approximately 100 boats. All are participating in St. Vincent’s SWIM Across the Sound marathon to raise money for cancer patients. Net proceeds are used to help individuals and families who are battling the multi-faceted challenges of cancer.

Coming back for a second year, Robert is not just swimming for the Bullsharks; this year, he is also captain of the team. This six-man relay consists of several St. Vincent’s security officers and friends, most of whom started off as co-workers. Now very close friends, the team is ready to once again participate in the SWIM. “To me, the SWIM isn't about coming in first or even completing it without getting disqualified, it's all about working hard as a team in raising all the money, going out in the open water and doing what a lot of people would never do,” states Fulton.

This year’s SWIM is especially important to Robert as his grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer less than a year ago. As the cancer began to spread rapidly, Fulton and his family were told that their time with her was very limited. When she was admitted into the hospital, his grandmother was given no longer than the weekend as a time frame of life. However, that weekend quickly became something in the past, and to this day she is home getting stronger, continuing her battle, and is determined to beat the cancer. “All I want to do is come swimming into the cove and see her standing there cheering me on,” says Robert.

Swimming in honor of his grandmother, Robert was more determined than ever to be a part of the SWIM this year. Going beyond that, Robert is looking to improve the lives of anyone struggling with this life changing diagnosis. “I am doing this for everyone who has ever suffered at the hands of cancer,” says Fulton. “Whether you are a patient, family member or friend, I am out there swimming for you.”

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