Stamford Fire Department Ensuring Appropriate Water Supply City Wide
By City of Stamford

Nov 1, 2018 - 9:02:48 AM

STAMFORD, CT - As the City of Stamford prepares for the winter months, the Stamford Fire Department on Monday evening commenced a water tanker drill to ensure fire water supply throughout the City of Stamford. The drill was held at the Scofield Magnet Middle School and was comprised of both career and volunteer units working together with Stamford’s Mutual Aid partners from adjoining municipalities.

Fire Chief Trevor Roach tasked Assistant Chief Robert Morris and Assistant Chief Michael Robles to facilitate the operation.

Fire Chief Roach stated, “The goal of the water tanker drill is to ensure a positive water supply using thousands of gallons of water provided by fire department water tankers from within the City and from adjoining municipalities to facilitate appropriate fire suppression to all areas of the City.”

The Stamford Fire Department has been touted by the State for exceptional water tanker operations and protocols. Michael Farrell from the Connecticut State Fire Academy stated “Stamford’s collective department’s performance is a tremendous success with a total delivery rate of more than 1,500 gallons of water per minute, with Stamford’s 911 System protocols ensuring enough water tankers for operations.” The acceptable water delivery rate is 500 gallons per minute. He also stated, “Stamford’s water plan is exceptional and he has yet to see another’s match the outcome achieved in Stamford.”

Mayor David Martin stated, “It is important that we have effective water supply operations to put out fires in all parts of the City. With more than 255 career and 134 qualified volunteer firefighters in the Stamford Fire Department, our Fire Chiefs are continuing to advance fire operations to provide improved fire protection throughout Stamford.”

“Being recognized by the State of Connecticut is a compliment to the Fire Chiefs and all the members of the Department,” stated Ted Jankowski the Director of Public Safety. He also stated, “Ensuring an appropriate water supply with a highly trained firefighting force is critical for protecting life and property here in Stamford. The Stamford Fire Department is the largest combination fire department in Connecticut while also being the most highly certified, with requirements for both career and volunteer firefighters.”

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