City of Stamford Forms Mold Task Force
By City of Stamford and Board of Education

Oct 31, 2018 - 9:01:24 AM

Stamford, CT - The health and safety of Stamford Public School students, faculty and administrators is our number one priority. Building on significant investigative and remediation work that has already been completed in 15 of Stamford’s public school sites, Board of Education President David Mannis, Superintendent Earl Kim and Mayor David Martin have announced the formation of a Stamford Public School Mold Task Force. Recognizing that the mold conditions in our public schools require the focus of a dedicated team, the task force has been charged with investigating, developing and implementing comprehensive remediation efforts, and on-going monitoring programs. Immediate emergent needs will continue to be addressed; but, long-term permanent solutions will be identified and implemented as well.

Task Force members include Director of Administration Michael Handler, Interim Director of Operations Cindy Grafstein, Deputy Superintendent Tamu Lucero, Chief Financial and Operations Officer Clarence Zachery and City Engineer Lou Casolo. All resources will be made available and all options remain on the table. Administrative process cannot and will not needlessly delay the emergency implementation of solutions. Additionally, where necessary to expedite processes, the Task Force may seek emergency appropriations from the Board of Finance and Representatives. The task force will identify the highest-quality and most cost-effective solutions to the mold problem.

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