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Local teams advance to CT Junior Team Tennis Championships

By Shippan Racquet Club

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Stamford, CT - Shippan Racquet Club, located in Stamford, and two sister clubs, Kings Highway Tennis Club, located in Darien, and Milford Indoor Tennis dominated the Southern CT Junior Team Tennis season this past winter. Nine of the club’s 16 teams have qualified for the CT state championships, which will be held from August 7-9 at Conard High School in West Hartford. The Southern CT Junior Team Tennis season was held from December 9-March 18, with all teams playing a total of eight matches.

Four teams out of Shippan Racquet Club qualified for the season-ending championships this summer. The 12-and-under team (Shippan Wildfires), 14-and-under team (Shippan Hurricanes) and 18-and-under team (Shippan Twisters) all finished in first place for their flight, with the Twisters and Hurricanes going undefeated for the season. 13-year-old Susie Alptekin of Darien and 13-year-old Abbie Mueller of Darien also went undefeated individually for the Hurricanes by posting 8-0 records. The club’s 10-and-under team (Shippan Tornados) also qualified by finishing in second place for their flight, with 9-year-old Alexis Mackay of Milford going undefeated this season with a 7-0 record.

Three teams out of Milford Indoor Tennis will also head to Conard High School this August. The 12-and-under team (Milford Trojans) took first place in their flight by going undefeated for the season, with 10-year-old Grace Hiza of Milford and 9-year-old Albert Andrew Ilie of Stratford also posting 8-0 records. Their 18-and-under team (Milford Dragons) also went undefeated this season and finished in second place, while their 14-and-under team (Milford Huskies) came in second place for their flight with a 6-2 record.

Kings Highway Tennis Club also has two teams which will represent them at the CT state championships. The 12-and-under team (Kings Highway Panthers) finished second overall in their flight, with 10-year-old Michael Miller of Darien, currently the top ranked 10-and-under player in New England, going undefeated for the season. 10-year-olds Ben Sosnow and Colin Adams of Darien, and 11-year-old Nicholas Tallis of Darien posted undefeated records throughout the season as well. The club’s 10-and-under team (Kings Highway Jaguars) came in third place with a 7-1 record for the season, with nine-year-old Romano Gabriel De Caprio of Darien recording an undefeated 7-0 record during the season. Mimi Lavin, currently ranked No. 5 in New England for the Girl’s 10-and-under division, also competed for the Jaguars this season.

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