Malloy publishes jobs package draft, Jackson Laboratory deal hearing, NBC Sports move announcement may come soon

October 24, 2011

Here are last week’s political news highlights in an about Connecticut.

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s office published a jobs package draft scheduled to be discussed on October 26 in a special legislative session. The jobs package, which will also be discussed on Monday, October 24, 2011, at Terex Corporation in Westport with business executives of large and business executives, according to a press release, is worth $516 million. Part of the investment is dedicated to small business growth and new small businesses through grants and loans.

Meanwhile, quoted the governor’s budget office as warning that a $75.6 million cushion “reported by the Office of Policy and Management” is gone due to spending on the transition to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, also known as GAAP. The fiscal measure was one of Mr. Malloy’s first executive orders as governor. He is strong supporter of GAAP, which calls for more transparency in the budget process.

A State Bond Commission meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 28, 2011 at 10:30am in Room 1E at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. Twenty-five items will be on the agenda. They are worth $84,487,827 in general obligation allocations, and $43,404,559 in revenue bonds and other transactions in total. Projects concern the spheres of education, health care, housing, transportation, and other areas.

Governor Malloy nominated Judges Michael R. Sheldon and Sybil Richards to the Connecticut Appellate Court and to the Connecticut Superior Court respectively.

On Thursday the Hartford Courant quoted sources as saying that the governor’s administration is expected to announce a deal with NBC Sports to settle in Stamford, Connecticut. According to some reports from the previous week, NBC Sports will create a thousand jobs in Stamford but Governor Malloy did not confirm this news. The Hartford Courant also added that the deal was worth somewhere between $25 million and $50 million – information that it received from the source too.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association released a survey on Fairfield County businesses that shows that 53 percent of responding businesses reported a recorded net profit in 2011, compared to 84 percent in 2007 deemed by the document as “immediately before the recession,” 46 percent for the period between December 2007 and June 2009, and 60 percent in 2010. Among other findings mentioned in the results, respondent businesses rated the state’s energy costs poorly, and only 15 percent of them rate the state’s taxes as reasonable.

There was an informational hearing on Thursday concerning the Jackson Laboratory deal, a partnership that consists of $809 million in funding to the University of Connecticut Health Center from federal government grants, and philanthropy and service income over the next twenty years for creating a research institute there for the Jackson Laboratory’s purpose. Republican leaders were invited to the hearing which allowed for each guest to ask one question only about the state’s contribution to the project. During the hearing the Jackson Laboratory CEO Edison Liu said that they preferred Connecticut to Florida for our state’s better economic conditions. Republicans reportedly expressed disapproval of the state’s contribution the project which also includes a one percent forgivable (if the laboratory creates a specific number of jobs in Connecticut over a specific amount of years) loan. The Jackson Laboratory is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to “discover the genetic basis for preventing, treating and curing human disease, and to enable research for the global biomedical community.” The Connecticut government will add $291 million to the Health Center, about two-thirds of which ($192) million will be secured construction loans, according to a recent press release, which also added that 6,800 jobs will be created for that period.

Meanwhile quoted New England Economic Partnership Connecticut Model Manager Edward Deak as saying that New York City Comptroller John C. Liu’s office’s report for October 2011, that predicts 10,000 job losses in New York City by the end of 2011, means that there will be slow job growth in Fairfield County next year. reported that Governor Malloy was applauded at a Center for American Progress session in Washington, D.C. where he praised the Connecticut General Assembly and himself for working together to pass several progressive bills throughout the past legislative session – including decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, banning discrimination based on gender identity or expression in employment, rental or sale of housing, credit card approval or other areas, and other legislation.

Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill announced that the ballots for the municipal elections scheduled for November 8, 2011, are now available online on her office’s website.

Governor Malloy announced that the Connecticut Housing and Finance Authority’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program will not be shut down because the state government found “lapse in the general fund debt service account.” The program is aimed at addressing foreclosure for some homeowners.

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D – CT) and Joe Lieberman (I – CT), and U.S. Representatives John Larson (D, CT – 1st District), Rosa DeLauro (D, CT – 3rd District) and Jim Himes (D, CT – 4th District) announced that Connecticut was granted $2,632,107 million by the federal government in competitive grants. The funds concern three projects – in Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford – the first two of which will cover the study for possible transportation connections, and the later is about improving pedestrian connections to Union Station.

U.S. Representative Joe Courtney (D, CT – 2nd District) announced that the U.S. Navy granted $429.1 million to Electric Boat for support for its active nuclear submarine, according to a press release.

Meanwhile, U.S. Representative Courtney and his wife, Audrey Courtney, started the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program, a program created by the New London County Policy Council aimed at presenting food-related challenges for low-income families. According to Mr. Courtney, the week-long program consists of individual food budget of $4 per day.


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